Christian Liberal Arts Education

LCC’s faculty come from North America and Eastern Europe, from a variety of Christian denominations, and are committed to caring for students and teaching each subject (history, business, literature, international relations, etc.) from a Christian worldview.

Eastern Europe, Central Asia

Our students come from three dozen countries, including come nations where preaching the gospel is illegal or strongly discouraged. Whereas traditional missionaries might move to one of these countries, learn the language, make friends, incorporate into society—these dear young people come to our Christian community of their own accord. Many are attracted to a Western-style liberal arts education, in English. LCC has also developed an excellent reputation in these countries, and now our many graduates are our best recruiting tool!

Music and Worship

Benjamin and Corrie both use their musical talents in worship services on campus and in local churches. Corrie is a trained choral director and leads choirs in chapel services, the annual Christmas program, and campus music nights.

Refugee Crisis

In response to the migrant crisis beginning in 2014, LCC accepted several dozen refugees (from Christian, Muslim and Yazidi backgrounds), mainly university students whose studies in Iraq and Syria have been interrupted by war. These students receive Christian hospitality, training in English language, and scholarships to continue B.A. studies at LCC.