About Us

We are Benjamin and Corrie Giffone. From 2014 to 2022, we served at LCC International University, a Christian liberal arts university located on the coast of the Baltic Sea in western Lithuania. Together with our two children, Daniel and Elizabeth, we were missionaries, funded by churches and individual donors in the USA and Canada. Benj now serves as pastor of a Presbyterian congregation in Western Pennsylvania.


Benj served as a member of the faculty of LCC, teaching mainly courses in Old Testament and biblical languages. He blogs at thinkhardthinkwell.com, where you can also find links to his scholarly articles and presentations.

Corrie, in addition to serving as a full-time mom, mentored students through various extracurricular programs at LCC, led a choir, taught piano lessons, and taught in the evening English programs. She holds bachelor’s degrees in both biblical studies and music education, and earned a master’s degree in TESOL at LCC.

Benj continues to serve in a part-time teaching role at Hindustan Bible Institute and College in Chennai, India, mainly remotely. If you would like to contribute toward this ministry, click here.

Please explore this site to learn more about our background, our mission, and how you can be part of our ministry.