The majority of LCC’s students do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. They come from various backgrounds including atheist/agnostic, Muslim, nominal Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox homes/nations. All take required courses in Bible and Christian worldview, which are taught invitationally by our Theology faculty. The campus Spiritual Life team works with student Christian leaders to provide a variety of contexts for evangelism to other students and the wider community in Lithuania and abroad.

Making Disciples

LCC Spiritual Life team, LCC faculty and staff, and their spouses, often lead Bible studies, philosophy nights, chapel services, outreach efforts (such as the Alpha program), and generally seek involvement in the lives of students as mentors and counsellors. Corrie and Benj each lead discipleship groups, and enjoy hosting students in our home. We also speak occasionally in student events, such as Spiritual Life retreats and chapel services.

Theological Education

LCC’s Bachelor of Arts in Theology and minor in Theology prepare students for a wide variety of ministries. Currently our Theology graduates minister in more than a dozen countries. In addition to LCC courses, Benjamin has taught OT courses at seminaries in Lithuania and Ukraine, and preaches in local churches.